About Us

Why we are here

Our Health Partnership was set up by local GPs who are passionate about providing high quality primary care and using their time and skills effectively to benefit patients.

We’re currently a GP partnership of 30 Practices with 38 surgeries. GP partners and salaried GPs in Our Health Partnership serving around 281,000 patients in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Shropshire.

The partnership offers a shared administrative and management structure, cutting down the time doctors have to spend on admin. It opens up economies of scale to get best value from budgets. It has the resources to develop innovative services and effective partnerships with local hospitals and care services. And it can access new funding streams that are only available to large GP organisations.

That means more choices and a quality service for patients, a secure future for the local surgeries they rely on and security and job satisfaction for our committed and capable doctors and practice staff.

OHP Gender Pay Reporting (as at 31st March 2023)

Download pdf: Gender Pay Gap 2023

As at the legislative ‘snapshot’ payroll date of 31st March 2023 the Partnership had 841 staff working within our service made up of 748 female and 93 male staff. Our mean gender pay gap was calculated at 37% and our median gap as 52.2% in terms of the average male salaries being higher than female within the workforce.

Pay Quartiles:

Upper Quartiles

Male:27.5% Female:72.5%

Upper Middle Quartile

Male:7.1% Female:92.9%

Lower Middle Quartile

Male:3.3% Female:96.7%

Lower Quartile

Male:6.2% Female:93.8%

Bonus Summary:

Proportion of male relevant employees with bonus pay


Proportion of female relevant employees with bonus pay


Mean gender pay gap in bonus pay


Median gender pay gap in bonus pay