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LIVI to reach over 400,000 Birmingham and Shropshire patients with announcement of new NHS partnerships 


Birmingham and Shropshire – 11 August 2019 – From today, 470,000 patients across greater Birmingham and Shropshire will be able to access GP services on their smartphones and tablets with digital healthcare app, LIVI.


Through a partnership between LIVI and Our Health Partnership, a partnership of GPs, NHS patients in Greater Birmingham and Shropshire will be able to access primary care services digitally, without having to de-register from their local GP practice. LIVI makes it quicker, and easier for patients to access the full range of medical advice, referrals and prescriptions from UK-trained GPs, extending access to vital primary care services after hours, or on weekends.


The roll-out will bring LIVI’s mobile consultation option to 470,000 patients across 40 existing GP surgeries in Greater Birmingham.  LIVI is already operating in North-West Surrey, where tens of thousands of patients have been treated so far.  In addition, LIVI are today announcing an extension of services to Northamptonshire, East Sussex, and additional areas of Surrey, enabling us to bring our services to 1.85 million patients.


The partnership between LIVI and OHP comes at a time of significant pressure for the UK’s Primary Care Networks.  NHS England statistics show that one in five patients are currently waiting at least 15 days to see their family doctor.  LIVI offers patients better access to GP services with shorter waiting times, easing pressure on the wider system as well, by offering patients an alternative to attending overstretched A&E departments just to see a doctor.


Luke Buhl-Nielsen, UK Country Manager, LIVI said:  “LIVI’s mission is to improve access to healthcare for every patient and we are pleased to be working in collaboration with GP surgeries in Birmingham and Shropshire to roll-out our services to patients there.  We all know that illness doesn’t always strike between 9 and 5 and often, and it can be difficult to see a GP out of hours.”


Dr Alex Meyer, Board Partner at Our Health Partnership Birmingham said: “We are committed to delivering exceptional care to patients. Our partnership with LIVI will bring video GP consultations to more than 40 existing GP practices across Birmingham and Shropshire, significantly increasing access to healthcare.”


Cherie Duffy, a patient in Woking, said: “I could not get an appointment with my doctor for several days so I used LIVI and obtained an appointment within 30 minutes. A very nice and knowledgeable doctor contacted me right on time. They dealt with my concerns and were extremely helpful. They arranged a prescription for me which was ready and waiting at my local chemist.”


Jeanette Curtis, a 72 year old Surrey patient, said: “During a trip to Marrakesh, I contracted a chest infection whilst on Holiday. Upon my return back to the UK, I decided to use LIVI due to my surgery being closed and was able to book a GP consultation within the hour. Having the option to speak to a doctor through the app meant that I had an immediate alternative to using 111 or visiting an urgent care centre.”


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About LIVI: 

Founded in Sweden in 2015 under the name ‘KRY’, LIVI has a global vision for more equal and accessible healthcare. LIVI makes it possible for patients to see a GP by video consultation on their smartphone or tablet device. Experienced GPs can provide medical advice, prescriptions, fit notes and referrals to further NHS services. LIVI is the brand name used by the digital healthcare provider in markets outside the Nordics. The word for life is “liv” in Swedish. LIVI is operated by the Swedish company Webbhälsa AB (556967-0820).


About LIVI’s GPs: 

The doctors working through LIVI are GMC-registered, UK-trained GPs with years of experience in providing excellent care. LIVI’s doctors all adhere to stringent selection criteria and undergo a rigorous onboarding process once employed, using LIVI’s proprietary medical guidelines developed internally using best practice and understanding of video consultation based on over 1 million patient appointments. Prior to any public consultation, each GP will be required to attend one to one meetings with LIVI account managers and undertake a test consultation in a private, controlled environment.


About Our Health Partnership

Our Health Partnership brings together 52 surgeries operating in the Midlands and Shropshire. The partnership, which has 176 equal GP Partners, offers a shared administrative and management structure, and tackles the increasing challenges faced by GP practices through shared expertise. As a collective, the organisation focuses on providing exceptional GP services for patients, delivering care to c360,000 patients, while managing practices innovatively, efficiently and effectively.