Extended Access

Follow the links to download a range of resources to assist you in promoting the Extended Access Service to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions – Livi

How do Livi provide prescriptions?

Prescriptions are now provided by EPS. Please contact Livi support if there are any issues with prescriptions

How do Livi provide referrals?

Livi will send a task back to the practice for a referral

How do I view Livi consultations?

You should have a ‘view’ of external consultations option available in the patient record (in EMIS this is accessed from a panel to the left of the consultation diary for a global view for example). These are not readcoded into the record and need to be added.


Frequently Asked Questions – Marketing

What information should I provide to my patients?

Information on your website and NHS Choices

– Information on your practice leaflet

– Information on your notice board

– Information on your digital screen

– Text messages

Adaptable templates have been provided for each – please see below

How can I support patients where English is not their first language, or they require an easy read copy?

If you have a specific language requirement, please contact Yasmin Kapadia-Jones by emailing: admin@ourhealthpartnership.com

What information should my team give to a patient once they have made an appointment?

If a face to face appointments, patients will need to know where they need to travel to for their appointment, parking details and how to plan their journey (using public transport / driving). The leaflet/ posters provide links to help patients plan their journeys. If a Livi appointment, patients will need to know how to access the app, what to expect from a Livi appointment, and to contact the practice or Livi if they have any issues.

Will there be any external signage put up at hubs to help patients who are not familiar with the new location?
Yes, some of the hubs will have large banners displaying that they offer the extended access service.