Extended Access

Follow the links to download a range of resources to assist you in promoting the Extended Access Service to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions – Marketing Support


  1. What shall I put on my practice website and NHS Choices about the Extended Access service?

It is important to make sure your practice website and NHS Choices is updated to include information about the Extended Access Service.

Go to the relevant hub section below and download the ‘Website Poster – With Live Links’ and then upload to your website.

Add in a ‘news’ item on NHS Choices and include information about the Extended Access Service.

  1. What can I include on my practice leaflet about the Extended Access Service?

Your practice leaflet should be updated to include a description on the Extended Access service, how to book an appointment, the hub address and opening hours.

All this information can be copied from the posters / leaflets available below in the relevant hub section.

  1. What can I put on my notice boards about the Extended Access Service?

Posters can be downloaded from the relevant hub section below. 

  1. What can I put on the digital screens in my waiting room?

A template is available in the ‘screens for surgeries’ section in the relevant hub section below. You can adapt the copy to suit your requirements. 

  1. What information can I give patients enquiring about Extended Access Service?

Please adapt the Frequently Asked Questions sheet to include specific details about the Extended Access Service available from your practice.  This can then be printed and made available in the waiting room.   Go to the relevant hub section below.

  1. How can I support patients where English is not their first language?

Posters/leaflets are available in range of languages based on local demographic information.  These include, Romanian, Punjabi, Urdu, Somalian, Polish, Arabic and Cantonese. Go to the relevant hub section below.

If you have a specific language requirement, please contact Manjit by emailing: comms@ourhealthpartnership.com

  1. Is there any information available in an ‘Easy To Read’ format?

Yes, there is an easy to read poster that is available for you to print locally in A4/A3.  The poster can also be uploaded onto your websitePlease go to the relevant hub section below. 

  1. Should I send an SMS / Text message to my patients about the Extended Access service?

Please visit the ‘suggested SMS messages’ section  below for some wording that you can adapt.

Do not send the SMS messages until your hub is fully operational and you are in a position to book appointments.

  1. What information should my team give to a patient once they have made an appointment? 

Patients will need to know where they need to travel to for their appointment, parking details and how to plan their journey (using public transport / driving).  The leaflet/ posters provide links to help patients plan their journeys 

  1. Who can I speak to if I have any questions about marketing / communications? 

Email Manjit Ghattaura; comms@ourhealthpartnership.com.

  1. Where can I go to find all the marketing resources that are available?

See resources below. 

  1. For patients who are eligible to go to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – is there any additional information available?

A website is available that features frequently asked questions as well as a video to help inform patients.  www.roh.nhs.uk/GP-extended-access.

This website will go live as soon as appointments are made available to patients.

  1. When can I let patients know about the Extended Access service? 

Please liaise with your relevant Hub Manager/ Practice Manager in the first instance. 

  1. Will there be any external signage put up at hubs to help patients who are not familiar with the new location? 

Yes, some of the hubs will have large banners displaying that they offer the extended access service.

  1. Do I have to pay for any of the posters/ leaflets? 

Our Health Partnership has paid for the design of the posters, leaflets, external banner signs, and pull- up banner stands, translation of posters and 200 copies of the leaflets for each practice.  PDFs are available on https://www.ourhealthpartnership.com/extended-access/hubs/  where you can print any additional copies that you may require.

  1. What shall I tell my PPG about the Extended Access Service?

Please email your PPG a copy of the leaflet/poster as well as the FAQ (see question 5 above).