Join OHP

Our Health Partnership is a solution to the challenges every GP practice faces today. The challenges of funding, workload and workforce pressures are tackled with specialised central services and a collaborative partnership led by dedicated healthcare professionals. GP’s that join us will find that they have a voice in an ever changing local and national healthcare economy, with a strong organisation positioned to influence the future and access potential funding. This allows our GP’s to spend their time providing the committed, patient-led healthcare they’re passionate about.

If you and your practice shares our desire to focus on excellent primary care provision and to sustain and develop innovative and flourishing patient services, we’d welcome you into our partnership.

Here’s what GP practices enjoy when they join Our Health Partnership:

A strong, collective voice
  • Influence national general practice healthcare policy and new models of care from an authoritative platform with respected peers
  • Be part of a sustainable, effective practice model as it becomes more and more widely adopted
  • Work with dedicated, patient-focused peers to shape the future of your practice and the partnership
Effective recruitment
  • Locums provided in partnership with Lantum, including database access and centrally negotiated fee savings.
  • Secure collective employment prospects to attract the best candidates for all roles
More from your budget
  • Centralised procurement for consumables, indemnity cover, insurance and utilities
  • Central legal facility
  • Central HR services
Central administration
  • Support from a team of qualified accountants and accounts technicians
  • Accounts preparation in-house and supported by BDO LLP
  • Regular financial reporting to partners
  • Business planning, business case and financial management support for your practice
  • Payroll
  • Sage accounting platform for financial recording, including full staff training
  • Lloyds Bank electronic banking with minimal fees
  • We can source specialist external advice if needed for tax and other matters, charged at an extra but competitively negotiated fee
More time
  • Benchmarking data to focus quality improvements
  • Support and attendance at CQC inspections, including centrally developed policies and expert in house CQC knowledge

Here’s what our member GP practices commit to when they sign our partnership deed:

Quality management standards
  • Install and use GP Team Net to collect secure and accurate data for quality assurance (SEAs, complaints and Friends and Family Test)
  • Provide the information we need to add your practice under our CQC registration (confirmation of activities, up to date DBS for registered manager, copies of CQC policies)
  • Achieve a minimum “Good” rating in a pre-joining CQC inspection
Finance processes
  • Install, undergo training and use SAGE200 financial package
  • Switch to Lloyds Bank
  • Use BACS for PAYE payroll administered by Our Health Partnership
  • Submit VAT returns on time
  • Pay annual subscriptions on time
Workforce transfer
  • Transfer paid staff to Our Health Partnership under TUPE regulations
  • Transfer payroll to Our Health Partnership’s nominated provider
Membership fees
  • A one-off joining fee and an annual membership payment

Get in touch and find out more about joining Our Health Partnership