A partnership that puts patients first

If your GP practice or surgery has joined Our Health Partnership, you can be sure that your health is in good hands.

Our Health Partnership is a group of 30 GP practices in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Shropshire. They work together to get more from their budgets, offer excellent all-round care and give their doctors more time to concentrate on looking after patients.

It’s all about making sure that patients get the best service possible from their local surgery.

How it works

Many doctors are frustrated because they have to spend too much time on paperwork, administration and management.

Our Health Partnership looks after time-consuming administrative, financial and management activities centrally, so the doctors in each surgery can get on with looking after patients.

It’s also a way of sharing best practice between GPs. When something’s working really well in one surgery, we share it with others, so all patients benefit from a great experience. We can use our joint resources to develop new services and try new and better approaches to meet the changing needs of our patients.

It helps your GP practice get more for its money, because as a large group we have much more bargaining power with suppliers than one surgery on its own. And in the same way, we can strongly influence our partners and other providers (like local hospitals and care services) to give our patients the support they need.

Our Health Partnership has a loud voice in health policy, locally and nationally. We’re powerful together, protecting our GP surgeries from threats of closure or budget cuts. We help them flourish and improve instead of fighting to survive.

What it means for patients

On the surface, when your GP practice joins Our Health Partnership, you won’t notice any change to your usual service. You’ll still visit your local surgery and see the same doctors, nurses and practice staff.

Over time, if there are changes, they should be positive ones for you. You might find it’s easier to get an appointment because your doctors have more time to spend with patients and it’s simpler for them to arrange cover when they need it. You might find that your GP can access more partner services, more quickly, to help with your individual needs. For instance, support in the home from community care providers, local hospital services and social services.

When your surgery is part of Our Health Partnership, it provides security for both patients and doctors. It means practices aren’t at risk of being taken over by private companies or hospitals. It means they can make sure their patients’ needs come first, by influencing local policy and decisions about healthcare.


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