OHP are seeking solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic

Dr Alex Meyer, GP, and Our Health Partnership’s Board Strategic Lead Partner for Emergency Preparedness will be speaking later today about how OHP are using technology to help with the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently facing.

Our Chair, Dr Vish Ratnasuriya says:

As a large GP partnership, we are well placed to support our practices and the patients we serve, through a stepwise approach. Practices are rightly focusing on their local response in line with national guidance. To support this OHP are securing remote working (to enable people to work from home or other locations outside their practice), creating a buddy network with neighbouring practices for continuity of services for patients, using Hub-based working (to support groups of practices if part of their estate is out of action, or part of their workforce is unavailable), and accelerating the provision of alternative methods of consulting with patients (telephone and video), whilst also creating better access to patient information to enable patients to manage their own condition). Together this layered approach will allow us to continue providing services to our patients across Our Health Partnership over what may be a difficult few months for us all’

OHP is a GP partnership that covers Birmingham Shropshire and the Black Country. It has 37 practices working out of 53 surgeries with 176 GP partners